I’m always asked why I chose to “do taxes”. And the answer, aside from the obvious that tax preparation is only the beginning of what we do, lies in the quote which summarizes my simple belief about serving clients:

“I didn’t build a financial services company to have an easy life. I built my firm so I could share with individuals, like you, the keys to having your own financial success.”

From an early age my parents taught me financial independence should be among life’s  many goals. By achieving financial freedom, a person’s existence would be less likely to be under the control of an employer or the whim of consumers that bought the products or services that employer produced or the ups and downs of a national economy.

Knowing you have enough money to pay that upcoming insurance bill or that unexpected car repair that seems to pop up at the worst time brings peacefulness to life that everyone should know. It also helps in marriage and relationships with others since money tends to be at the root of what we disagree about most.

The road to achieving that financial independence begins, simply enough, by setting aside money to pay for those expected and unexpected expenses.  Some people call those “rainy day” funds. That money is accumulated by saving small amounts of cash. Sometimes by reducing expenses, such as taxes, other times by making wise financial choices.

When those funds reached a desirable level one can then begin saving for larger goals in life such as, vacations, cars, houses, college education for the children and then the ultimate savings goal: retirement.  I’ve spent my life living to those principles, learning the tax laws to save money and studying investments to make them work for individuals like me.

Join me at my website and my practice and I will begin to share those principles with you.  As always, feel free to call me at 937-372-7775.

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