The business owners I’ve seen in the biggest hole get there by not knowing what their obligation to the IRS was going to be until April 15. It may be too late by then. We can show you how to climb out of that hole.

Business owners have their hands full just keeping their doors open; from looking for new customers to supervising employees, from ordering inventory and supplies to finding time for your family. So, what do you do with that mound of paperwork?

Whether you enter all that data in QuickBooks yourself or you have someone like us do it there are steps that must be taken to save money under the new tax laws. We will:

• Review your numbers on a monthly or quarterly schedule with you to be sure you are in the best possible tax position.
• Offer unlimited, year-round consultation on accounting, tax and business matters.
• Prepare all required taxes and forms during the year.
• Offer ongoing tax planning and recommendations to minimize your taxes.
• Tailor our services to fit your particular needs. We recognize that each client has different needs.

We offer a free 45 minute meeting to explore your options. There will be no pressure to become a client of mine, just supportive information that’ll assist you in running the best business possible.

Xenia Accounting Firm Serving Xenia, Jamestown, Bellbrook, Beavercreek, and Dayton

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