If you’ve read about my thinking regarding financial success then you know an individual must pay the smallest amount legally due in taxes. The money saved in taxes, along with other savings and wise financial choices, can then be used to “fund” the goals in life.
To ensure you pay the smallest amount legally due we spend a great deal of time and effort in keeping up to date with the ever changing tax laws.

We file the IRS forms and all the state and local forms required for the city and school district in which you live; for a fee usually 30% lower than the national chains. We also file out-of-state returns for clients new to Ohio.

We e-file returns and offer direct deposit to your bank account for no additional fee.

Have our fees withheld from your refund. Banks do charge an additional fee for this convenience.

If you are in the position to receive refunds we can help you adjust your withholding each pay period so you can put that money to work toward your goals instead of IRS’ goal.

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